How to Make Contacts: Quick reference

A quick reference on How to Make Contacts

Make a list: If it’s not what you know but who you know, then start simple with a list of people you already know/have access to.

Potential contacts list: A list of people you don’t know – yet! It could be people in the circles of friends, family an colleagues, or someone in your network you haven’t reached out to for a while.

Make a wish list: list the people you’d like to know that aren’t in your immediate circle. Include their background, position, personality, industry, and values. Then highlight a common connection you might have.

Contact your contacts: It might seem obvious however reaching out to contacts can be the most daunting part! Consider how you’ll reach out to the people on your lists. It’ll vary for each individual. It could be: in person, email, phone, LinkedIn, at a “meet-up” networking event, social media, etc.

Top tip: Arranging a face-to-face meeting with someone working in an industry that interests you will have a powerful impact on your networking and career research.

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