Opposite Sex: It’s Lunch – Not a Date!

OK, so much as I’m an advocate of “doing lunch“, you might not want to run around saying the phrase “Let’s do Lunch” to random people men. It could be interpreted in the wrong way despite you suggesting lunch with the best intentions (though feel free to spread the word about the LDL blog)!

Guys, men, male species – it’s just lunch, not a date! Well, technically yes it’s a date because it’s in the diary of an urban girl. Fine, it’s a lunch-date! Only some food to pick at to avoid any awkward silences (and no doubt use the opportunity to write a  food review – urban girls have to make the most of every meeting!).  You, a potential contact, happen to be the opposite sex… And that’s as far as acknowledging sex goes – we are opposites but potentially on the same wave-length!

The urban girl will have either; embraced the benefit of being a female who can get a man’s attention with ease that him obliging to lunch is no big deal – she knows what she wants out of  “doing lunch”. She’s very much in control of the direction an innocent lunch-date will go in. Thinking it’s a date and having other intentions is your problem (and loss) – not hers


she’s  so fed up of being misinterpreted by an innocent suggestion of doing lunch, she’s become used to uttering phrases like; “listen, just to be clear – it’s lunch and not a date..” then goes on to pin-point exactly what the meeting will entail before  even setting a date day.

Opposite sex, avoid any awkwardness,  it’s just lunch and nothing if anything more – it’ll be for your contacts not your sex!


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