Let’s do Lunch with UAL African Caribbean Society

Food has a special way of bringing people together…  And the tropical flavours of Africa and the Caribbean are a tantalising way of doing just that!

As president of University of the Arts London African Caribbean Society (UAL ACS), I hosted a number of events that involved dishing out African/Caribbean food, and boy did it draw in a diverse crowd! Here’s a #thowback from Global Day at UAL last year networking with students from all around the world. And best of all, introducing them to a bit of my culture with some Jollof rice!

Check out the blog www.ualacs.org and see more of the events organised.

From Sept 2015 I’ll be organising more diverse events as the newly elected London College of Communications Officer… Look out of the LDL banner on campus!

Look out for our Let’s do Lunch Socials at at African/Caribbean restaurants from September! For a African food caterer – I’ll hook you up with my Aunt!



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