Girls who Dine: Princi with Angela

Silly me. I’d only gone and got the dates for my friend’s birthday confused. So when I messaged her say we’re running late and she responded; “hun, it’s next week friday, not today“, I needed to think of a plan B – fast!

Not that going to Princi was the plan B for myself and my friend Angela who’s staying with me during her visit to London this summer. It was simply the first place in mind where I could at least get a drink (and of course, I always end up with a slice of pizza or a combination of their salads). I needed a moment to analyse the damage done; dressy enough for a club without being OTT for a bar.  Where we could venture out to last-minute so our dresses wouldn’t be wasted on a night in?

Special Neapolitan hospitality at Princi

Special Neapolitan hospitality at Princi

And as though knowing we needed a bit of a perk, Mimmo was at hand to offer us an unusual table service, despite us being at the self-service part of the restaurant. We knew already he was different, taking his role seriously as though serving guests of honour. After making simple chit-chat his Naples heritage was established. Now things made sense – “friendly” could be his middle name!

And since then, two weeks later, we call Mimmo a friend. No, like literally call him to check up on him, pass through Princi just to say hi even if we’re not staying to eat. And I know when Angela goes back to Genoa when the summer is over, I won’t hesitate to continue to call “Ciao amico!”

Find out where else we ended up going to and how it turned out to be a great night of making new contacts… And rekindling some old!

Look out for our Let’s do Lunch Socials at Princi from September!



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