An Urban Guide To Making Contacts – And Keeping Them!

Have you ever exchanged business cards with a potential contact then weeks, months or even years down the line realised you haven’t established anything beyond exchanging email address?…

That was me – on several occasions! And that’s also why I created “Let’s do Lunch; the urban guide to making contacts – and keeping them!” Because making contacts isn’t my real problem, it’s how to keep them!

Like most busy urban girls (and guys) on the go, I have my emails delivered directly to my phone. I don’t need to go into the benefits of an AMAZING invention called the smart-phone – my life in miniature 4.5″ x 2.31″ weighing a mere 137 grams (cue again – AMAZING)! The down-side however is the reminder of all the lost potential contacts I’m reminded of when I search a name for a recent email… I’m backdated to all the, say, Janes from as far back as 2008! And I question: How do I always lose contact after an initial email?

Oh yeah! I didn’t suggest doing lunch, or coffee, or an event of relevance!

Relying solely on email, social media or our mobile phones is not so AMAZING. So this blog is my attempt at fixing my our problem – let’s start connecting, collaborating and encouraging each other… Especially us girls. Competition is great but remember – who you meet on the way up, you could need on the way down. So let’s support each other!

The Urban Guide: a one-stop site for young creatives to network and connect. Events, social meet-ups, industry professional talks and seminars, videos and much more.

The Urban Girls Guide: one for the ladies! Building on sister-hood, empowering each other and connecting.

The Urban Guys Guide: brothers we haven’t forgotten about you! A platform for creative men to connect and get the answers they are looking for.

Share your thoughts in the comment box… Lets do Lunch sometime!



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